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Get Your Life Back With Real Electron Energized Prostate Aid

By the age of 50, all men suffer side effects from an enlarged prostate. Many men experience the urge to frequently urinate — this includes waking up constantly to run to the bathroom. It can be extremely tiresome having to run back and forth to the restroom all day long.

Ted Discusses What’s In a Name

Many people have had mixed feelings over the name changes of several sports teams. Some feel that society is weak and pandering for changing team names from Native American ones — like the Washington Redskins.

However, most people do not realize that nearly 100 million Native Americans were killed — either indirectly or directly — by European settlements in the United States. This Atrocity began in 1492.

The Hip Hop F.I.R.M. Teams Up With St. Agatha Catholic Church

Cortez Watson Jr. is the founder and President of the Hip Hop F.I.R.M. The Hip Hop F.I.R.M. is a collective of educational architects who help mold the next generation.

With the help of St. Agatha Catholic Church, they have combined hip hop with the teachings of Christian education. Their “purpose is to teach youth how to dissect Christian literature using a critical lens using lessons Jesus taught in the sermon on the Mount in Matthews 5 through 7.”

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