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Where Talent Meets Destiny



Join The News School Today

Do you want to learn to be a journalist, create marketing plans, or work in front of and behind the camera? Do you fear you are not educated enough? No worries!

The News School (TNS) strives to work with anyone eager to learn and willing to do the work. We offer tailored programs for everyone ages 13 to 90.

Joining our program, you will be taught to recognize newsworthy content, how to conduct an interview, and develop skills needed to become a top-notch journalist, news reporter, and multi-media influencer.

You will learn to create content in World and U.S. News, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Health, and Technology.

Journalism interns will be published online and in print. The stories you write will be published on one or more of over a dozen online newspapers and platforms.

You will earn press credentials after successfully completing the journalism portion of the program.

Contact us by email at news@frackle.com or call us at 872-201-7522 for more information about joining the exciting world of online media production.

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