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Father Larry Wednesday Reflection on Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Father Larry Wednesday Reflection on Fifth Sunday of Lent

Father Larry welcomes everyone to his Wednesday Reflections. During this service, he will be speaking about “What does it mean to die to oneself?” This question haunts many people as the days count down to “the final days of Jesus’ ministry and his passion and death.”

He and the Church want to invite everyone to “think about what it is we need to die too.” Everyone should contemplate the “additive addictive behaviors, jealousies, envies, pride or other attitudes and bad habits do we need the Lord’s help to empty us of in order for the Lord to fill us with what we need to truly serve God and God’s people”

Father Dowling is the lead pastor at St. Agatha Catholic Church in Chicago, Illinois.

You can attend mass at St Agatha Catholic Church in person or view online:

  • Participating in person at 3147 Douglas W Douglas Blvd, Chicago, Il. 60623
  • Signing up for a reserved seat for either of their services at their website; st-agatha-chicago.org/sign-up
  • Or watch live at 8 a.m. CT on Facebook live at www.facebook.com/st.agathachicago. They will have a replay of their sermon at 10:30 a.m. CT.

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